Department of Statistics


Our staff are highly qualified and conduct research in diverse areas of statistics both on statistical methodology and applied statistics. We also engage in collaborative work with some departments of Federal University of Technology, Akure and other reputable institutions. Though our areas of research is broad but our major strengths are in the following areas of specialization;


Our research in econometrics is aimed at making high quality scientific contribution to body of knowledge in all areas of econometrics. We investigate econometric models like simultaneous equation models, seemingly unrelated regression models and host of other econometric models. We also investigate behaviours of random terms with the aim of devising some estimation methods deviod of certain estimation problems. Some members of the group examine behaviours of existing estmation methods with the aim of discovering the most suitable condition under which the method perform optimally. The group members are;

Ayinde, K.; Fasoranbaku, O.A.; Alabi, O.O.; Ojo, O.O.; Oseni, B.M.

Sampling Survey

Our research focus is targeted at making substantial contribution to knowledge in all facets of sampling theory and applications. Members of our research team carry out extensive research in notable areas such as the application of sampling theory to survey, Randomized Response Techniques, Bayesian Estimation Approach to Randomized Response Technique. We also investigate various other methods of reducing bias in Sample Survey (such as Jacknife method etc) and carry out complex survey of households to evaluate some parameters affecting their standard of living. In our research team, we adopt mathematical tools to enhance our research. The team members are:

Adebola, F.B.; Ewemooje O.S.; Adepetun, A.O.

Time Series Analysis

Alabi, O.O; Makinde, O.S.


Gayawan,E; Aladeniyi, O.B.; Olopha, P.O.;

Multivariate Analysis

Makinde O.S.; Ajiboye A.S.

Operations Research

Ajiboye A.S.; Bello, A.H.

Probability and Stochastic Processes

The evolution of random systems over time is generally described by stochastic processes. These systems sometimes described as probabilistic systems often occur in diverse areas of life. Our research in probability and stochastic processes comparise of models developed from markov, branching, counting, diffusion and other processes. We also conduct research in areas that make use of stochastic processes such as risk analysis and queuing analysis. Members of this group are;

Fasoranbaku, O.A.; Adebola, F.B.; Oseni, B.M.

Financial Statistics

Ajiboye, A.S.

Spatial Statistics

Spatial statistics is a fast developing field involving the analysis of spatial and spatio-temporal data and the statistical modelling of spatial variability and uncertainty. Applications of spatial statistics are for a broad range of physical domains including agriculture, geology, soil science, hydrology, ecology, oceanography, forestry, meteorology and climatology, and socio-economic disciplines such as human geography, spatial econometrics, epidemiology, disease mapping and spatial planning. This research group engages in the development of stochastic models that foster the analysis of spatial and spatio-temporal data including their statistical dependencies, accuracy and uncertainties. Members of the group are:

Gayawan, E.

Design of Experiment

Ewemooje, O.S.; Kupolusi, J.A.; Olamide, E.I.