Department of Statistics

MTS 402 (C)
Site Supervisor/ Visiting University Staff Assessment
MTS 402 (C) | STA | 2nd Semester |

Course Synopsis

This course involves the industry-based supervisor overseeing students in the industries where they are carrying out their industrial training. Visitation Committee (members of academic staff) from the university also visit to assess the performance of the students in their IT places.

MTS 404 (C)
Institution Based Supervisor’s Assessment
MTS 404 (C) | STA | 2nd Semester |  Download Courseware PDF

Course Synopsis

The Institution based supervisors assess/guide and score the students’ Industrial Training reports.

MTS 406 (C)
SIWES Seminar Presentation and Report
MTS 406 (C) | STA | 2nd Semester |  Download Courseware PDF

Course Synopsis

Presentations of Industrial Training reports and experience gained before a panel of lecturers.